Y VE Squared

Y_VE_squared (Formerly Jeeves476) is an AGK parodist who make parodies since 2007. Like most AGK parodies, it follows the Angry German Kid and his misadventures in a satirical, semi-dystopian version of the world. The series also lampoons on cyberculture, memes etc.

First beginning on 16th September 2007, Jeeves476's series has earned acclaim throughout its run for its humour, animation and plot, making it one of the most popular Angry German Kid parody series of all time. Earning a high number of views, the highest being "Angry German Kid Meets Hannah Montana" at over 710,000 views as of February 2016.

List of EpisodesEditar

  1. Angry German Kid Gets Owned by the Internet
  2. Angry German Kid Gets His Revenge on the Evil Girl
  3. Angry German Kid Computer Gets a Funky Virus
  4. Angry German Kid Goes to
  5. Angry German Kid Catches a Cold
  6. Angry German Kid Meets Hannah Montana
  7. Angry German Kid Spends Time Behind Bars
  8. Angry German Kid Gets Mauled by the Smurfs
  9. Angry German Kid vs Jovi Part 1
  10. Angry German Kid vs Jovi Part 2
  11. AGK and the Ice Cream Truck

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Jeeves476 is a fluent reader and writer of the Japanese language, and sometimes uses this language briefly in some of his videos, as shown when he used the Japanese onomatopoeia for an explosion in his earlier videos. This use of a foreign language being mixed with English in AGK Parodies briefly became popular, and was used by other users such as Brian Chiem .He is of Haitian descent.The word "Jeeves" is a name for butlers who work in any rich people's houses.

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